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Over the last two years of the Civil War, approximately 1,200 African American men served in the 29th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. Many of these men had once been slaves; they went on to perform distinguished service for the Union Army. Nearly two hundred died during the war. Through extensive research and the analysis of primary documents, we share the stories of these heroes with the public.

Special thanks to Dr. Jonathan Bruno, Robert E. L. Krick, Dr. Ashley Whitehead Luskey, Dr. Peter Carmichael, Dr. Brian Luskey, John Lustrea, Dr. Brian Matthew Jordan, Mel Smith, and the 21st Century Fund for HVRHS for their help in this project.

"Who would be free themselves must strike the blow...I urge you to fly to arms and smite to death the power that would bury the Government and your liberty in the same hopeless grave. This is your golden opportunity." - Frederick Douglass

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