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John A. Lepyon lived in Cornwall, Connecticut, and was a part of Company F of the 29th Connecticut Infantry Regiment. He enlisted December 2nd, 1863 and within a month was appointed First Sergeant. He was in perfect health when he left for war, but fell ill in February of 1864. He returned to Cornwall for a week to recover. On May 1st, 1865, John Lepyon was demoted, but continued to serve. Then on October 24th, 1865, he was mustered out of the army in Brownsville, Texas, and returned once again Connecticut. Upon return John Lepyon moved to Canaan and married Fanny. They had two children, Clare Lepyon, born April 19th, 1873 and Marcela Lepyon, born January 19th, 1875. John Lepyon was called back into service in February 1875 but was demoted to Duty Sergeant because he was only able to complete half the work. He passed away on January 4th, 1903, due to rheumatism and piles (more commonly known as hemorrhoids today). He had been suffering for 18 years and was 57 years old when he died. After John died, his wife, Fanny received a monthly pension of eight dollars from June 4th, 1903, until she died. Fanny requested a higher pension, but was denied. She had severe memory problems and was diagnosed sick on March 10th with pulmonary edema and died March 15th, 1910.

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